Victory for the ACT & SAT Tests Teacher Guide (6th Edition)

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Cambridge’s Victory for the ACT® and SAT® Tests is designed to maximize instructional time by allowing teachers to choose the material most appropriate to the immediate instructional goal.  With over 40 hours of core content review and over 1,000 reinforcement items, the Victory set gives teachers content and test-strategy items in all three subject areas tested on the SAT test.  Teachers cover only those sections most needed by their students as shown on their computer-generated lesson plans.  The Victory for the ACT® and SAT® Tests text concludes with two full-length practice tests, one ACT and one SAT.

Cambridge’s Victory for the ACT® and SAT® Test teacher guides systematically present core content and skills, test-taking strategies, and explanations to all classroom text exercises, quizzes, and tests. The course concept outlines help instructors guide students through well-defined content review. Student text items are included in the teacher’s guide for a more user-friendly teaching experience. The Essential Skills teacher’s guide helps teachers to easily differentiate instruction in the classroom based on student needs and provide the needed practice to fill skill gaps, master ACT and SAT skills, and increase scores.