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We Are Cambridge

The mission of Cambridge has always been to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity for equal education. If you adopt Cambridge programming and conditions on the ground in your school or district change, Cambridge will provide you – absolutely free – with the tools to make needed changes.

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Cambridge is now offering access to our new webinar series. Schools and other not-for-profit organizations can select from one of the 11 topics below. Using the form at the bottom of the page, request a date and time that works for you! Customer service will provide you with an exclusive login to the online workshop of your choice. Be sure you specify the exact audience. The $995 fee is waived if you presently are or become a Premier Partner. Premier Partners also have free access to our Teacher Resource Center and Cambridge Consortium. For more information on our webinars and to apply for a Grant Award contact Sara Malmanger at (847) 299-2930 x251 or email:

Our COVID-19 Assurance Policy is just one more way that we hope to make equality a reality.

During these unsettled times, it is impossible to predict what the academic future holds for our students, our teachers, and our administrators.  When will traditional classes resume? Will remote learning become a permanent component of the educational landscape?  What will be the role of the teacher in a world of classrooms plus web-based instruction? Are traditional print books obsolete and to be replaced by e-texts?  To be sure, these and related questions were not created by the conditions of the pandemic, but the COVID-19 crisis has brought them to the surface with a sense of urgency.  Everyone is working feverishly to better understand the nuances of these issues and to refine models.

Uncertainty is the watch-word of the day.  Cambridge cannot say with confidence what the upcoming months will bring nor even the next few weeks. But we are confident that contingency is now the defining characteristic of the world.  We believe that we should be prepared for all possibilities, and that is why Cambridge gives you a COVID-19 ASSURANCE POLICY:


For example:

  • If you are in a region where traditional classroom instruction still continues but a sudden surge in the infection rate requires a shift to a distance learning model, Cambridge will convert your program to online instruction at absolutely no cost.

  • If you choose a remote learning version of a Cambridge program and three months later it is safe for your students and teachers to return to the classroom, we will train your teachers to complete the program at no cost to you.

  • If you choose to use e-texts because school closures make print-and-paper books impossible to distribute and a vaccine for the virus is made available that permits you to re-open classrooms and provide students with traditional printed volumes, Cambridge will send you, at no cost, a print version of the materials you are using, one for each and every student.

  • If you are using print texts and tests and are required to move online to distance learning, we will provide electronic versions at no cost to you.

  • If you opt for a remote learning model and discover that some students lack a broad band internet connection or can otherwise not access the instruction and so opt for lesson packets to be distributed to homes, Cambridge will provide you with lesson packets so that all students, regardless of family economic situation, can have equal access.